I’ll Be Back… (and a note about the writing process)

Awesome!  A true statement, and I got to use a Beatles’ song title again.

I did want to post something so people don’t think I’ve abandoned this site. I am going to continue the story of how I made the cover for Welcome to Newtonberg (honestly, I will!). Right now I’m out of town and not near my personal computer, so I can ‘t take screenshots, etc., like I want to.

I will be back home on Sunday.  I’ll post the next part of the story on Monday.

Until then, have a good weekend, and take the time to write. Writing isn’t just the actual composing — it’s brainstorming.  Outlining.  Rewriting.  Telling stories to your child.  It’s all part of the process.

So whether you’re in front of a computer with hours to spend lost in your own imagination or in line at the drive-through for your bank, use the time you have.  Work on the story NOW so the actual act of putting it on paper (or in the computer) just becomes a technicality.

Until Monday, then.


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