Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

This is a public service announcement…. with guitar!

(Really, David?  Mixing The Beatles and The Clash?  Really?!)

Okay.  Maybe not “with guitar.”  But this is something I felt I should share, since this entire blog is about my experience with self-publishing.  This is about being taken advantage of — both you and and your readers.

There is a company called Stork Media that offers Welcome to Newtonberg through Barnes & Noble for (get this) $21.26 plus shipping. Not a bad little deal for them when it sells new for $9.99 from Amazon and CreateSpace.

At the moment, I don’t have a distribution agreement with B&N. While what Stork Media is doing is not illegal (after all, they’re just selling a used copy like plenty of other people do), I think the markup on it is unethical. Also, it seems like a waste of time: I mean, who’s going to pay $21 for a book that’s just shy of 100 pages, and can be had for half the price by clicking a different link? So if you’re interested in my book, please order it from Amazon or CreateSpace. While I happen to think it’s pretty good, it’s not worth $21.

Again: Stork Media is not doing anything illegal, and there’s nothing I can do to stop them from making a profit.  All I can do is put the word out there to my readers and hope that they will order the book from a more reputable source.  It’s not right that the seller should make more from the book than the author and publisher combined.

Next: Creating the book cover, part deux… (Take two)



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