Do You Want to Know a Secret?

To be honest, Kindle publishing really isn’t that hard if you’ve created a print book for CreateSpace. In fact, the next step after you submit your CreateSpace version is an option to create a Kindle version. CreateSpace uses the text you uploaded for them to create a Kindle version, and if you’ve already created a book cover for SmashWords, you can use that same book cover for the Kindle.

Truth be told, though, it would probably be best to re-format the text block once again for the Kindle, basing your file on the SmashWords version.


If you’re like me, you added blank pages and section dividers to your CreateSpace book to make it more aesthetically pleasing. This is great for a print book. On an eReader, though, it just makes blank screens that your reader has to page through.

By basing your Kindle version on the CreateSpace version, you just have to change your ISBN, remove the SmashWords edition statement, and perhaps re-do your Table of Contents if changing any of that information shifted things around too much. It really is quite simple.

So my suggestion is this: when CreateSpace asks if you want to create a Kindle version, choose the option that says you already have one. Then go to KDP Direct and upload it yourself.

I had actually uploaded my Kindle version to KDP Direct before I decided to make a print version available. I just wanted the convenience for people to be able to download my eBook directly from the Kindle Store if they wanted to, without having to go through SmashWords and sideload it. After I finished my CreateSpace version, though, I had a little problem with credit for the cover art (I covered this in a previous entry) and had to change some of the text to credit the correct photographer. So I had to upload corrected versions of both the Kindle version and the SmashWords edition.

Uploading corrections is not difficult, but it does start the whole process over again while you wait for the corrected version to be released to all of your distribution channels in SmashWords. I actually “unpublished” (or removed the book from distribution) on KDP Direct and CreateSpace, although that might have been a bit extreme. Until I had the rights issues sorted out over the cover, though, I didn’t want any more copies being sold.

But everything worked out in the end. The rights were sorted out, the corrected text was accepted and put into distribution.

Now it was time to promote it.

Next: Promoting your book and living to tell about it…



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2 responses to “Do You Want to Know a Secret?

  1. I just purchased it for the Kindle!!! I may even start reading it before I finish my other book, which I normally hate to do. šŸ˜‰ I’m just so excited and curious! I still want a hard copy, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

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