“I Read the News Today, Oh Boy…”

Well, the press releases paid off on at least one front. An article about Welcome to Newtonberg and self-publishing made the front page of the Jacksonville Daily Progress, our local newspaper.

Jacksonville Daily Progress (12/8/2012)

I still haven’t received a response (or a printing) of the press releases I sent to the other three local papers. I’ll give it another week and then send it again, just in case it was caught by their Spam filter or something. (At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.)

Still, I’m quite happy with the article. There are a couple of details that aren’t quite right (for example, I intended to publish a book of twelve stories, not publish one story a month; likewise I ended up with a book of six stories — I’m not publishing a story every other month); but all in all, it’s getting the word out there about the book so I’m happy.

I’m still looking into getting copies of the eBook out to book review blogs. Does anyone have suggestions about that? I could just go looking for review blogs and e-mail the people in charge, but is that how it’s supposed to be done? Is there a main Website that lists books available that reviewers read and select books they want to review?






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  1. Are you seriously on the front page?! I didn’t think this could get any cooler, but it just did. 🙂


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