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Here We Go (Again)

(Quadruple points for referencing Bowling for Soup, Lemonade Mouth, Demi Lovato and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince with one title!)

As I mentioned briefly in previous posts, I finished my second book, All That Remains, last month. As Stephen King suggests in On Writing, I set the book aside for awhile (although not as long as he suggests) to “disconnect” from it. Didn’t work — I managed to write four more scenes during that time that I incorporated into the text before I started editing it.

At any rate, I have now finished editing the book and have received feedback from four different readers who found a few additional errors I missed. All in all, their response to the story itself has been positive and I feel confident that I told the story I wanted to tell, as well as I could tell it.

To give a brief plot summary for those of you who are interested:

Librarian Mike Baldridge receives a letter and manuscript from a former Newtonberg resident. This document contains the story of a local family that Mike has been unable to trace for his town history. What follows is a story of family, friendship, and first love in post-World War II Newtonberg.

It’s historical fiction. It’s a love story. And as several of my readers have noted, you will need to keep the tissues close at hand.

So now that the book has been edited, here I am again, ready to publish. This time, though, I’ve set myself a task: I’m not just publishing one book. I’m essentially publishing three.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

A copy of Welcome to Newtonberg was added to the collection at the library where I work. After seeing that several of the people who checked it out were older women, I started to think that perhaps I was missing a market for the title. Maybe I should have published it in large print, so that older readers or readers with vision problems would have access to it. Sure, the eBook is essentially large print since you can adjust the font size, but not everyone has (or wants) eReaders.

After getting some additional feedback from other people, I decided that since it wouldn’t cost me much more to publish it that way, I would. And what’s more, I would publish my new book in all three formats, too: eBook, regular print, and large print.

The drawback? Since the large print version of each book will contain more pages than the original(s), I have to make three different book covers.

Next time: Remembering how I did it the first time, and doing it better…

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This One’s Mine

(Patti Rothberg song reference FTW!)

Coming this Fall to an online bookseller near you….

Book cover for ALL THAT REMAINS

Initial eBook cover design for All That Remains. Based on a photo taken by my sister, Wendy. (This will save me from having to go through the rights issue that I had on Welcome to Newtonberg. Well, that and also — it’s just a darn good picture. Perfectly captures the feel I was going for.)

Original photo was once again taken through FotoSketcher and then edited in PhotoScape. Total cost: a shake at Sonic while we were out taking pictures.

Next post will be after the first edit…


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All That Remains…

At 12:22 today, I finished the first draft of my new book. It is 18,463 words, 105 printed pages, and is tentatively titled All That Remains: a Newtonberg Story.

The book has undergone many changes since I first announced it. While it is still one continuous story, the setting has been changed from the 1960s to just after World War II, and concerns one of the Newtonberg residents when she was a young girl.  You will see a few of your favorite characters from Welcome to Newtonberg in the bookend story, but for the most part, this is historical.

What’s more, it’s a total rewrite of the first Newtonberg story ever, previously titled “A Tear For Billy.” And by total, I mean totally unrecognizable. Anyone unfortunate enough to have suffered through that one in its original form (I apologize, again) might recognize a name or two, but there are actual characters this time around.

I’m quite happy with it, although I know that will fade when I go to do the first edit in a few weeks.  But for now, I will happily let it rest until Memorial Day weekend, when I will take out a printed copy and attack it with red ink.

Thanks to all who have kept me going with their encouraging words.  I hope to have it available for everyone to enjoy this fall.

Now onto the technical stuff.  I need a book cover!


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