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It’s Arrived! (And To Prove It, It’s Here!)

(Today’s title is courtesy of The Rutles. I don’t think Neil Innes will fault me for changing it a little.)

Almost three months after I wrote the last word, All That Remains is now available for purchase.

At the risk of sounding like I’m making a speech at an awards show, I do want to take a moment to thank everyone who supported me in the writing of this book. Although primarily based on the first Newtonberg story I wrote twenty years ago, the story grew in the telling and incorporated a lot more than I originally planned. It was my first full-length book (although probably just a novella by professional standards). I am quite pleased with the result, and I think I did the story justice this time.

Although subtitled “A Newtonberg Story”, you don’t need to have read Welcome to Newtonberg to enjoy it.

I hope those of you who are interested will take the time to read it, and I truly hope you enjoy the story.

All That Remains is available in print form from CreateSpace and Amazon.

The eBook is available from SmashWords in a variety of formats. It will be available directly from Amazon shortly.

Other eBook and print vendors will be available sometime during the next few weeks.

And as always, Welcome to Newtonberg is still available from the same sources.

And now to publicize it. Please help spread the word!

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What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round?

(Blog entry title courtesy of The Monkees.)

I know that this entry was supposed to be about designing the book covers; but quite frankly, the process was exactly the same as last time. The only noteworthy change is that the new version of GIMP allows export to PDF, so I didn’t have to use a different program for that. So I decided not to write about that.

So onto something new.

Patience is something that I do not have in great abundance. I’ve been on pins and needles, waiting to announce that the book is available, but that announcement depends on one thing: the lyric rights to “All That Remains” by the Lost Dogs.

I submitted my request two weeks ago. According to the website of the music licensing company, the whole process could take as little “as a few days” if done electronically instead of by snail mail. Even by mail, it should only take four or five weeks. I e-mailed them after ten days, just a gentle little nudge asking if I’d done everything correctly and if I provided enough information.

So far, I’ve heard nothing.



Radio silence.

So now, I’m at an impasse. I can continue to wait to hear from them, or I can give up and move on. I’ve considered re-instituting the poem I wrote originally, just in case I couldn’t get the rights to the lyrics. Now, however, I’m leaning toward just putting a couple of quotes at the beginning, like I did with Welcome to Newtonberg.

I know that this digital culture has spoiled me. We’ve all gotten so used to instant gratification that we turn into little Veruca Salts when we don’t get an immediate response (“I WANT IT NOW!”).

So I’ll give it another week. According to their own FAQ, three weeks should be more than sufficient for a response. If I haven’t heard anything by next Wednesday, I’ll go another route. No bad feelings, no regrets. It’s still a good song, it’s still out there, and my measly $20 contribution for the lyric rights is probably won’t be missed.

Next time: Hopefully, the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

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