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Wake Up

(XTC reference!)

Wow. Has it really been almost a month since my last post? I’m falling behind on the job. I’ve been updating the Facebook page, I’ve just been neglecting the blog.

So what’s happened? Well, All That Remains is out and available at CreateSpace, SmashWords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and everywhere else that Welcome To Newtonberg is, and both books have also been released in Large Print (only through Amazon & CreateSpace, though).

Overall, I’ve gotten some good feedback from readers, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. The Jacksonville Daily Progress and the Cherokeean Herald were nice enough to promote the book again, and I believe something is in the pipeline for the next issue of County Line Magazine.  The book even got mentioned on the Tyler Morning Telegraph’s site! (Although not in their print publication).

I’ve uploaded several “tweaks” in the past week or so (I’d only call two of them actual “corrections”), so if you got the eBook and haven’t read it yet, you might want to go grab the free updated version before you start.

For those of you who bought the print version — my apologies. I only just caught the issues myself. But hey! You have a collector’s item.

What’s next? Back to the drawing board for book three. I’m incorporating all of the new people, places, things, and background info gained the writing of All That Remains into my master database. At the same time, I’m brainstorming ideas for the next book.

At the moment, I’m leaning toward another collection of short stories to update current characters and introduce new ones. Maybe another tale from Newtonberg’s history from Cliff Magnuson. There are several options.

I’m also considering (probably for book four)…

Book four?! Shouldn’t you finish book three first? Or at least start on it? *shakes head*

…FOR BOOK FOUR… I’m considering another historical book. Maybe a companion to All That Remains, maybe something else entirely.

Hope that brings everyone up to speed, and I’ll try to be more conscientious about blogging from now on.

As usual, leave any feedback/ideas/suggestions/petitions for me to stop writing and go back to my day job below.

(HA!  Joke’s on you.  I never gave up the day job in the first place!)

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