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(Amanda Jenssen reference in the title!)

I know. It’s been awhile.

The title of this post is pretty appropriate. I’ve been on autopilot this month. I’ve just about completed researching and outlining the next book, and I plan to start writing it next week. After all, isn’t November “National Novel Writing Month”? (I think I might have heard something about that somewhere.)

And while I’m fairly certain I won’t be putting 50,000 words to the page during the next month, I should have a pretty good start by the time it’s over.

I’m excited about the new book.  It will introduce at least one new character who will serve as a bridge between Welcome to Newtonberg and All That Remains. The book itself will tie up a few loose ends from both books and set up the next books.  (And once again, I’m into book four before I’ve finished writing book three.)

No official title yet, but I’m working with the Back To Newtonberg, which is really original, don’t ya think? I’m sure that as characters and themes begin to reveal themselves to me that the title will change. After all, All That Remains was titled “A Tear for Billy” for twenty years. Who knows what “Back to Newtonberg” will become?

I read an interesting comment on a blog (it might have either been Michelle Proulx‘s or Jennifer Bresnick’s) that mentioned having trouble making a story work out because you made the wrong character the focus of the story.  It seems to me that’s what happened with All That Remains.  During the Billy years, the main character was named Jewel, and Maggie was nowhere to be found.  When I finally made Maggie the main character and Jewel moved off to the side, it all came together. I hope I don’t go through that with Back to Newtonberg.

In other news, I am waiting patiently for the results of the “Shelf Unbound” Writing Competition for Best Self-Published Book. I should know something this weekend. Whether or not I win or even place in the top five, it’s been a fun experience. And fun is what writing is supposed to be about, isn’t it? Fun for the writer, which translates into a fun experience for the reader.

Next week: Contest results.

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