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5 Years to Write…

(Yes, believe it or not, this is a song title. It’s by John Reuben.)

The updated eBook versions of The Newtonberg Stories are now available!

If you purchased a previous versions of the eBooks from SmashWords, you can download the update for free by following these steps:

1. Log into your SmashWords account.
2. Click on the Library link at the top of the screen.
3. Scroll down to Purchased Books.
4. Click on the book you want to read. This takes you to the book’s page, where you can scroll down and download the eBook format that works best for you.
5. When you click on the version of the book you need, the latest version will be available to download at the top of the list of versions.

If you purchased your eBook from Amazon and the book is still on your Kindle, you should receive a notification that an updated version is available automatically. If it is no longer on your Kindle, you can get the latest version by going to your Kindle library and choosing to download the book again. You’ll get the latest edition automatically.

Here’s what’s new:

Welcome to Newtonberg
Minor text corrections, and a preview of All That Remains. Author bio has been updated.

All That Remains
Minor text corrections, and a preview of Back to Newtonberg. Author bio has been updated.

Back to Newtonberg
Significant changes/corrections to the text, and a bonus short story: “Rick Murchison Goes Home Again.” Author bio has been updated.

The Newtonberg Stories
A new, single-volume book containing the complete text of all three books, including the new short story.

Finally, for Amazon only I made an important change — if you order the print book, you can add the eBook for FREE. It’s only on Amazon because they’re the only company I have direct access to in order to set this up.

HOWEVER, if you do purchase a print edition and want the eBook, just shoot me an email to and I will be happy to provide you with a SmashWords coupon code to get the accompanying eBook at no additional cost to you.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their support over these past five years (and before). I am beyond blessed to have such good friends, family, and others who have enjoyed meeting the citizens of Newtonberg. Rest assured that there is more to come — book four is already underway!

Until next time…

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Hello Hooray

(Alice Cooper reference in the title, missing punctuation and all.)

It’s been…… a while.

It’s been a wild year for me. A lot going on, a lot of changes, but it’s all been good.

cover_option5Still, I am nothing if not conscientious. I made a promise on New Year’s Day that I would be releasing a single-volume edition of The Newtonberg Stories in time for the 5th/25th anniversary. I missed the official release by ten days (the print version of Welcome to Newtonberg was released 10/11/2012), but I had the proofs in my hand before then so I’ll count it as a victory.

The Newtonberg Stories (pretty original title, eh?) is a one-volume collection that contains the complete texts of Welcome to Newtonberg, All That Remains, and Back to Newtonberg. All three books have been completely revised and corrected. It also contains a new bonus short story, “Rick Murchison Goes Home Again.”

Each of the individual volumes have also been updated, and the bonus short story is now included with Back to Newtonberg. The eBook updates are forthcoming and I should announce them sometime this week.

As always, the print versions are available from CreateSpace, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and will be making its way to other outlets throughout the forthcoming weeks. The price for each of the individual volumes remains $9.99. The Newtonberg Stories omnibus edition is only $14.99.

I want to thank everyone for their support over the past five years. Please be assured that collecting these books into one volume does not mean that I’m ending the series. There are many other stories to be told. Some will be set in Newtonberg. Others may be set elsewhere, such as Schaefer (see the new short story for more on that). Some will be set in modern day, and others may tell stories of Newtonberg residents who left us long ago. One thing is certain, though — they will all have this little East Texas town and its residents at the heart of the story.

Until next time…

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