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Wake Up

(XTC reference!)

Wow. Has it really been almost a month since my last post? I’m falling behind on the job. I’ve been updating the Facebook page, I’ve just been neglecting the blog.

So what’s happened? Well, All That Remains is out and available at CreateSpace, SmashWords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and everywhere else that Welcome To Newtonberg is, and both books have also been released in Large Print (only through Amazon & CreateSpace, though).

Overall, I’ve gotten some good feedback from readers, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. The Jacksonville Daily Progress and the Cherokeean Herald were nice enough to promote the book again, and I believe something is in the pipeline for the next issue of County Line Magazine.  The book even got mentioned on the Tyler Morning Telegraph’s site! (Although not in their print publication).

I’ve uploaded several “tweaks” in the past week or so (I’d only call two of them actual “corrections”), so if you got the eBook and haven’t read it yet, you might want to go grab the free updated version before you start.

For those of you who bought the print version — my apologies. I only just caught the issues myself. But hey! You have a collector’s item.

What’s next? Back to the drawing board for book three. I’m incorporating all of the new people, places, things, and background info gained the writing of All That Remains into my master database. At the same time, I’m brainstorming ideas for the next book.

At the moment, I’m leaning toward another collection of short stories to update current characters and introduce new ones. Maybe another tale from Newtonberg’s history from Cliff Magnuson. There are several options.

I’m also considering (probably for book four)…

Book four?! Shouldn’t you finish book three first? Or at least start on it? *shakes head*

…FOR BOOK FOUR… I’m considering another historical book. Maybe a companion to All That Remains, maybe something else entirely.

Hope that brings everyone up to speed, and I’ll try to be more conscientious about blogging from now on.

As usual, leave any feedback/ideas/suggestions/petitions for me to stop writing and go back to my day job below.

(HA!  Joke’s on you.  I never gave up the day job in the first place!)


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It’s Arrived! (And To Prove It, It’s Here!)

(Today’s title is courtesy of The Rutles. I don’t think Neil Innes will fault me for changing it a little.)

Almost three months after I wrote the last word, All That Remains is now available for purchase.

At the risk of sounding like I’m making a speech at an awards show, I do want to take a moment to thank everyone who supported me in the writing of this book. Although primarily based on the first Newtonberg story I wrote twenty years ago, the story grew in the telling and incorporated a lot more than I originally planned. It was my first full-length book (although probably just a novella by professional standards). I am quite pleased with the result, and I think I did the story justice this time.

Although subtitled “A Newtonberg Story”, you don’t need to have read Welcome to Newtonberg to enjoy it.

I hope those of you who are interested will take the time to read it, and I truly hope you enjoy the story.

All That Remains is available in print form from CreateSpace and Amazon.

The eBook is available from SmashWords in a variety of formats. It will be available directly from Amazon shortly.

Other eBook and print vendors will be available sometime during the next few weeks.

And as always, Welcome to Newtonberg is still available from the same sources.

And now to publicize it. Please help spread the word!

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“I Read the News Today…” (part deaux)

As I mentioned on my official Facebook page, another article about the book appeared in today’s Cherokeean Herald.

Since the article can’t be read online without a subscription, here’s the scan I promised:

Cherokeean Herald article, 12/19/2012

Just a reminder that the eBook of Welcome to Newtonberg is free for download at Smashwords.com through January 2, 2013.  Simply enter coupon code LA27B at the checkout.

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“I Read the News Today, Oh Boy…”

Well, the press releases paid off on at least one front. An article about Welcome to Newtonberg and self-publishing made the front page of the Jacksonville Daily Progress, our local newspaper.

Jacksonville Daily Progress (12/8/2012)

I still haven’t received a response (or a printing) of the press releases I sent to the other three local papers. I’ll give it another week and then send it again, just in case it was caught by their Spam filter or something. (At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.)

Still, I’m quite happy with the article. There are a couple of details that aren’t quite right (for example, I intended to publish a book of twelve stories, not publish one story a month; likewise I ended up with a book of six stories — I’m not publishing a story every other month); but all in all, it’s getting the word out there about the book so I’m happy.

I’m still looking into getting copies of the eBook out to book review blogs. Does anyone have suggestions about that? I could just go looking for review blogs and e-mail the people in charge, but is that how it’s supposed to be done? Is there a main Website that lists books available that reviewers read and select books they want to review?





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I Want to Tell You

(…but not really.)

Let me say this at the beginning: self-promotion goes against my nature. I dislike drawing attention to myself. I’m not a social person. So the idea of promoting my book — basically saying “Hey, everybody, look at me!” — totally rubs me the wrong way.

And since I’m not so concerned about making money on it, I’m half-tempted to do nothing; just tell myself, “It’s there if people want it.”

But how would people who don’t know me even know they might want it?

And so we’re back to publicity.

I’ll be honest: I haven’t done near as much to promote this book as I should have. I know it’s only been out for two months, but still. Other authors would have been all over the Web, posting information about their book everywhere, firing off mass e-mails to every library and bookstore within three hundred miles. I haven’t.

As a librarian, I have to admit my heart drops to my knees when someone wants to give us a book they self-published. Or (worse yet) wants us to BUY their self-published book. There’s nothing that makes me more determined NOT to read/buy a book than the author telling me I should.

I don’t want to be that person.

But now, having self-published my own book, I can sort of understand them. I still don’t condone their methods, but I understand why they do it: To let people know it’s there if they want it.

So what have I done to promote this book? Well, I’ve set up this blog. I’ve promoted it to my friends and family on Facebook, who have promoted it to THEIR friends and extended family. I’ve sent out a press release and photos to four of the area newspapers (none published yet, but I just sent them out on Monday). I’ve created a Facebook author page for myself (just launched at https://www.facebook.com/demprimo). And I’ve gone through what I think is the proper procedure to get the book placed in the library where I work.

What was that procedure? I approached the Director and told her I had a book available. I basically “pitched” the book to her and asked if the library would be interested in a copy. I GAVE that copy to the library so there couldn’t be any sense of favoritism or impropriety of them buying a copy since I work here. I personally think that’s the method that should be followed: let the book go through the same channels as a “professional” book.  Don’t just give it to the library and expect them to put it in because you’re a local author.

There are plenty of other ways to promote the book, but most of them cost more money than I have, or am willing to spend. I could have my book reviewed in the professional journals, but that costs several hundred dollars. I could buy ads online. I could send out review copies to book review blogs. But again, all of this costs money. Even the review copies cost me about $6 apiece after you add in the cost of postage.

I think my next step will be to offer a free copy of the eBook to anyone who wants to review it online, but I think I need some feedback on that. Has anyone else done this with their own book? What was your experience? Would you do it again?

Next: To be determined…

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